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Karina and Kiki, by TryMeIke for G2cutie

Based on a RP we had. Kiki belongs to G2cutie and Karina belongs to TryMeIke.

Karina was sleeping in her cave and snoozing softly one day, when a little girl stumbled by it and wandered in.

Kiki looked around as she walked in. "Hmmm.. I could have sworn it rolled in here.."
Karina snored loudly and rolled over, which attracted Kiki's attention.
Kiki looked over at the sleeping giantess as her eyes widened in shock. "Woah!" said Kiki.
Karina was lying on her bed, sleeping which meant she was currently harmless.

Kiki got curious and walking over, circled around the sleeping Karina, not knowing not to get within arm's reach so she was in the danger zone.

Karina snoozed peacefully. Then in her sleep and in a flash, she reached out and grabbed Kiki, lifting her up to over her head and opened her mouth wide for the morsel.

Kiki screamed in shock. "Ahhh!!!" She flailed her arms wildly.

Karina was not waking up, and held Kiki over her mouth then dropped her in, closing it with the girl still inside and trying to get out.

Kiki tried to open Karina's mouth. She cried "nnrr!!" As she tried to push the lips apart.

Karina while purring in her sleep, she tilted her head back and with a loud gulp, swallowed Kiki down, the girl sliding helplessly down her throat.

Kiki yelped as she slid down Karina's throat, plummeting into the awaiting stomach.

Karina still snoozing did not feel Kiki as she landed in her stomach.

Kiki frowned and began to pound on Karina's stomach walls shouting. "Let me out!!"

Karina burped in her sleep, not waking up yet.

Kiki frowned more and thrashed around angrily. "LET ME OUT!!"

Karina while snoozing burped louder.

Kiki cried in frustration. "Gggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!"

Karina kept snoozing.

*hours later*

Kiki fell asleep in the meantime.

Karina yawned, waking up and getting ready for a new day.

Kiki shifted in her sleep, accidentally kicking Karina's stomach walls.

Karina burped slightly and blushed, muttering. "Huh, I dunno what caused that. Ah well, not important, what shall I have for breakfast?"

Kiki yawned and awakened. "Ahh!!!" Kiki cried as she realized she was still in Karina's stomach as she began to panic.

Karina did not hear or feel Kiki inside her and got up, going over to her replicator to have breakfast.

Kiki frowned and starting kicking and punching hoping to get the giantesses attention.

Karina burped slightly, but did not feel it and shrugging, she had some pizza for breakfast.

Kiki frowned as she heard chewing from above.

Karina gulped down the pizza and drank some apple juice, Kiki then noticed that she could see clear as day in Karina's stomach.

Kiki cried out in shock. "Ahh!" She jumped out of the way of the raining food. Growling she started to pound on the stomach harder than before.

Karina belched louder, and then smelled human on the smell of her breath. "Huh?" She poked her stomach. "Is someone in there?" She asked.

Kiki Jumped and bounded harder finally getting a response, she yelled back. "Yes!! Me!! Kiki!!!"

Karina was confused and asked again. "Who?"

Kiki frowned and shouted at the top of her voice. "My Name is Kiki!!!"

Karina asked confused. "Kiki? How did you get in my stomach?"

Kiki huffed angrily at Karina, saying. "You ate me!!"

Karina sweatdropped and replied. "Sorry. When did I do that? I apologize, I don't ever eat people on purpose."

Kiki frowned more, turning into a scowl as she replied. "..In your sleep.."

Karina sighed and responded. "Ah. I apologize. Your okay right? I made sure my acids cannot digest living beings."

Kiki sighed and responded unhappily. "I'm fine."

Karina rubbed and bit and said apologetically. "I can't get you out normally. You'll need to go the back way. I'm sorry." She blushed, very embarrassed.

Kiki's eyes widened in horror, and she screamed. "Ahhhhh craaaaaaap!!"

Karina sweatdropped and apologized, saying. "I'm sorry. Please forgive me?" She rubbed trying to sooth Kiki.

Kiki sighed deeply and accepted it, saying. "..Uh huh.."

Karina smiled and told her. "I'll push you out now." Blushing deeply, Karina pushed Kiki into her small intestine.

Kiki yelped as she was suddenly sucked down into the small intestine.

Karina was still blushing, but used her bio magic to clean her entire digestive tract of all waste and make it smell good for Kiki and moaned slightly, as she pushed Kiki farther along.

Kiki bumped along, slightly struggling all the way down.

Karina blushed more and asked. "What's it like in there?"

Kiki struggled a bit more before replying. "It's tight and wet."

Karina started purring loudly and asked. "Sorry, but does it feel good in a way?" She was moaning as she kept pushing Kiki into her large intestine.

Kiki blushed and admitted. "Slightly.."

Karina smiled and replied. " That's good." She kept moaning, pushing Kiki into her rectum and she got up to go to a clearing to let her out.

Kiki squirmed, wanting to be released now.

Karina moaned in pleasure, and leaning over let her out finally with a blush and a moan.
Karina then pulled her panties back up, and blushing turned around, picking Kiki up and stammering apologizes to her.

Kiki sighed deeply and grumbled. "It's fine..."  She grumbled more.

Karina said again. "I'm sorry." She cuddled  Kiki and blushed asking. "Can I do something to apologize?"

Kiki frowned at that and asked. "Like what?"

Karina said. "Like giving you something you want?"

Kiki thought about it for a moment.

Karina looked closely at Kiki and asked. "Do you eat people? You have the look of a predator."

Kiki nodded and replied. "Yes."

Karina thought it over and blushing, gave her a suggestion. "If I grew you to my size and gave you a potion that allowed you to eat people your own size, and allowed you to eat me, can we call it fair?"

Kiki's eyes widened and she asked eagerly. "You could do that?!"

Karina smiled and replied. "I have a potion, and it's a simple spell, is that a fair trade? You keep me in you for a bit, then let me out the same way I let you out?"

Kiki nodded eagerly. "It's a deal." She smiled.

Karina smiled and replied. "Okay." She poked Kiki with a glowing finger and using her bio magic, she grew Kiki to 132 feet tall which is the same size as Karina. Then she reached into her pouch and pulled out a vial with the vore potion inside, and handed it to Kiki.

Kiki with her eyes widened in surprise, took the vial and drank it.

Karina then informed Kiki that the potion will make the ability to swallow prey her own size instinctive, and asked if she wanted to eat Karina head or feet first as well as if Karina should take off her clothing.

Kiki smiled and said head first, as well as that clothing didn't matter.

Karina nodded and replied. "Well okay." She had Kiki open her mouth and pushed her head into it, it fit very easily.

Kiki smiled as she pulled Karina more into her mouth, she then began to swallow her head.

Karina purred and wiggled as her head entered Kiki's throat, and she advised the girl to lift up her body into the air if she could to make swallowing easier.

Kiki nodded as she lifted up Karina with ease. She began to swallow slowly, enjoying and savoring the flavor of the giantess.

Karina purred and wiggled more, wondering if she could ask Kiki to do this again, and she decided to ask if they could be friends when she got all the way into Kiki's stomach.

Kiki continued on swallowing, pushing Karina down while coating her in saliva.

Karina purred, massively enjoying this as her head entered Kiki's stomach.

Kiki smiled as she pushed Karina down, swallowing some more of the tasty giantess.

Karina wiggled and blushed, as her shoulders and breasts entered the stomach, making it expand and she started to curl up in the warm, moist and humid cavern.

Kiki swallowed hard, taking in large swallows, soon Karina was in her now huge stomach. Kiki belched loudly after the vast meal.

Karina curled up and rubbed against the stomach wall. She purred and asked. "Did I taste good, and how long am I staying?"

Kiki smiled softly and laid down on Karina's bed as she rubbed her stomach. She replied. "Mmm good and I'm not sure."

Karina purred and kicked as she made a suggestion. "How about a week? Does that sound okay?  I am immune to acids, so I'll be fine. And can we do this again, I would like to and want us to be friends."

Kiki smiled softly and said. "All right, and that seems okay." She replied with a giggle.

Karina smiled back. "Good. Mind if I take a nap in here? It's so warm and cozy. It's wonderful inside you."

Kiki nodded and said. "I don't mind" She replied as she closed her eyes to sleep herself.

Karina snuggled against her friend Kiki's stomach wall, thinking about how she was going to enjoy this coming week before sleep claimed her, safe warm and content inside her new friend.


Karina and Kiki by JoeyTheNeko

/ / / / ©2010-2016 JoeyTheNeko
gift story for my new friend. :icong2cutie: involving a meeting between my character Karina and her character Kiki. hope she enjoys it. comments welcome.
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Darz213 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice story" I was reading it when I got back
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Nice job, I enjoyed it.
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Sweet ^^
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good work yet again!
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